Star Fantasy

Star Fantasy is a game I created with a friend on a game jam called train jam. The jam was held on a train traveled from Chicago to San Francisco in 52 hours. My friend worked mainly as the programmer of our project. I worked as the designer, musician, and also story writer. Due to the loss of internet access and the time limit, our best option was to develop a game from templates that my friend had learned. Thus, I designed the game based on a shooting game template, like Space Invaders. To fit the theme, I intended to make the bullets go through a circular path before they hit enemies. To make the game more interesting instead of simple template-based shooting games, I wrote a complicated story about samsara to fit the theme of circuitous and made the game a text-based adventure game plus shooting game. Also, to utilize our advantage as Chinese designers, we included both Chinese and English scripts for our stories in the game. The game is eventually named Star Fantasy, which is the combination of our favorite movie series Star Wars and favorite game series Final Fantasy.

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