Ourcraft is a co-op furniture building game that requires 4 players to work together and complete as many furnitures as possible in 3 mins.

Role: Game Designer/ Sound Designer/ Producer
Team Size: 4
Development Duration: 1 week

Design Process

There was basically no limitation for this round, but we have to complete the work in one week. All we were required is to make the game fun to play. We started brainstorming by listing out a bunch of games that we thought are fun to play. Overcooked was mentioned often among our group. Thus, we decided to do a similar co-op game.

Different from Overcooked, the challenge for the guests is not taking a material to a place, cut it, take it to the other place and cook it. We simplified the process, as we only had one week of development. What players need to do is just to call for the help for the tools / materials that you missed. With that being said, this is a game that guests should best enjoy with friends via zoom, discord or other voice chat softwares.

We are encouraged to use Airconsole as the development platform this round, so we tried that out. We made several design changes to fit the platform. Firstly, we put more weight on the phone end interface. Because guests will interact with the tools and materials on their phones much more often than they look up the main screen and check the time remaining. But we do give positive feedbacks on the main screen. After guests successfully build a furniture, it will show in the room, and a succeed sound effect will be played as a reward.

When we designed this game, we also took the latency of airconsole into consideration. Instead of using phones as a “controller” to control the events happening on the main game screen, which can cause a huge latency, we decided to design the game in its current way, which compromise with latency the best.

As we imagined that guests will focus more on their phones rather than the main screen, they may not notice about the time remaining. And the interface on phones is already too full to put another timer in. Becuase of that, I designed the bgm to be exactly 3 minutes long and made it much more intense during the last 30 seconds as a hint for plyaers to hurry up and finish the furniture they are building.

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