Molten Corps

Molten corps is a Entertainment Technology Center client project with a heritage tour program, Rivers of Steel. The project uses AR technology to facilitate the original tour.

Role: Sound DesigneR/ Narrative Designer
Team Size: 5
Development Duration: 3 months (2021.09 – 2021.12)

Design Process

Sound Design

To make the whole AR experience feels realistic, sound effects is an essential. As the solo sound designer in the team, I created and implemented all the sound effects in the experience. The SFX that I personally am most satisifed with is the car dumper dumping sound. The whole sound spent me about a week of iteration and layering until it fited the animation and sounded great. Another epic moment I love is the iron lava in the very beginning with the SFX I created. Both our client and actual tourists who experienced this love that moment.

I’m not very satisfied with the SFX I created at about 1:20 in the video for the iron melting. Part of the reason is that the animation played slower than planned in our actual playthrough, due to fps constraint. Another thing is I felt I didn’t dig enough on the different sounding qualities of the different materials that’s being molten. In future attempts, I’ll play more with different sounding materials and put them together for better sounding SFX.

Narrative Design

A big challenge my team is facing is that the program of Rivers of Steel have many different tour guides who came from a large variety of backgrounds. Because of that, they have totally different ways or perspectives to give the tour. For example, a former labor who worked at the furnace can tell a completely different story from a history-lover tour guide.

With that, it is hard for us to decide exactly what we want to recreate with AR that can, first be exciting to watch, but also be used by different types of tour guides with ease.

A solution I provided to the team is to write the script for an imaginary tour guide, and use that as the beginning of our production. To achieve that, team and I went to the actual tour three times and learned about different routes with different tour guides. After these tests, we found two spots that are always covered and all tour guides were excited about. They are the car dumper and the relic of the furnace.

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