Ink-Alive is an animated short film telling the story of a young witch learning magic spells.

Role: outsource Sound DesigneR
Worked with a team of 5
Development Duration: 1 month (2021.11)

I was invited by the team to work as their outsource sound designer near the end of their production. This was my first time doing sound design for animations so I was really excited. Eventually, I wrote a soundtrack and created 40+ sound effects for this 3:30 long animation.

Music-wise, I tried to do it in a film scoring way. Inspired by many other animations from Disney or Dreamworks, I used different instruments for different narrative purpose. For example, the cello only sounds when magic happens as a reinforcement of tense and uncertainess. In the last part when the magic went crazy, the celeste also played arpeggios wildly, along with the intense drumbeats mimicing heartbeat.

However, due to time constraint, there are certain parts of this project that I’m not satisfied with. The biggest issue is the voice over. As the vocal cast was also one of the production team member, she did not have experience nor enough time to practice. And I didn’t have much experience in recording voice overs neither. We eventually ended up with some good stuffs like the “Yes” shout at around 1:44. But for most of the VOs when the heroines got shocked, it was not as good as expected. Learned from this experience, I will be more specific and strict with the emotion I want next time collaborating with vocal casts to create better sounding VOs.

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