Cheese Isle

Cheese Isle is a short puzzle game in which guests play as a mole, help a mouse get a cheese, and keep the mouse safe from the hunting of a cat.

Role: Designer/Sound Designer/Producer
Team Size: 5
Development Duration: 2 weeks

DESIGN Process

The limitation we are having this week is to create a story with three characters, where character A is afraid of character B, and the guests will play as a character C to help character A. When we did brainstorming, we soon came up with the idea of doing some animal related topics. Because fear is relatively clear in the world of animals. Sheeps are afriad of wolves, rabbits are also afraid of wolves, and mouses are afraid of cats.

We went to the mouse&cat direction. Partly because we all love Tom and Jerry so we thought it would be interesting to do cat and mouse. Also, we came up with the mole character and every member loved it. Thus, it seems that the mole fits better in the world of mouse and cat.

Among all the mechanisms you can see in the gameplay video, I designed the dirt filling up and throwing mechanism and came up with the general storyboard for the opening comic. Thanks to our talented artists the opening comic looks way compelling than the draft I drew that is barely readable.

When I was composing the music and making sound effects, I came up with the idea of adding more feedback for whether the cat starts chasing the mouse or not. Thus, I made two versions of my music, one is for normal gameplay BGM, and the other will be played when the chasing begins. And I asked the artists to create those cute emote bubbles that will show up when a chasing starts.

After we created most of our assests, we asked our programmers to share the screen and did level design together. Then we found the game is kind of boring without a climax. Thus, we added an enrage point. Once the mouse goes pass that point, the cat will always chase it and break the dirt walls you create. But the dirt walls do slow the cat down for a while. We played with the speed values a lot to create a suitable difficulty level that makes guests nervous as they are about to be caught but also make sure that if they find the right way, they can complete the level just in time.

As I was also the producer of the team, I created a progress tracking sheet for the team and lead the discussion during our daily meeting. I worked with other team members to set up a daily goal that they think they can achieve by the next meeting. The organized timeline helped the team a lot and make the production go smoother.

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